Just as the Internet has created entire professions that never existed before, it has also rendered a number of established professions entirely obsolete. But the knowledge and expertise of a flesh-and-blood travel specialist simply cannot be replaced by an algorithm. And though there is no shortage of travel sites that cater to the do-it-yourself travel planner, these sites are simply no substitute for the individual attention of a knowledgeable and experienced travel professional.

There are many reasons to use a reputable travel agency such as Fifth Meridian Travel, but the top three reasons are experience, savings, and exclusive offers.


When booking your holiday through a professional travel agency such as Fifth Meridian Travel, you reap the myriad benefits of that agency's years of experience and thus avoid many of the common travel pitfalls encountered by the do-it-yourself travel planner. You also gain the advantage of an insider's perspective into the travel industry, which can make the difference between a frustrating, stressful holiday full of bad surprises and a rewarding, relaxing holiday full of good ones.


Fifth Meridian Travel and other agencies like us have special arrangements with tour operators, cruise lines, and other travel and tourism vendors that enable us to sell their products and services at prices that are unavailable to the general public. Additionally, as a part of the Virtuoso luxury travel agency consortium, we are able to offer our clients perks and amenities that are unavailable to other travelers. Thus, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by enlisting our services and allowing us to do the leg-work for you.

Special Offers

Just as Fifth Meridian Travel and other agencies like us are able to sell travel and tourism products at prices unavailable to the general public, we also have access to special promotions, limited-time offers, and other insider perks that are not available to the do-it-yourself travel planner. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, or the vacation of a lifetime, there is no better way to miss out on valuable promotions and special travel offers than to book a vacation without the help of a qualified travel professional.

So, no matter how you look at it, there is simply no reason not to take advantage of the experience, savings, and special offers that Fifth Meridian Travel will negotiate for you.

Why not contact a Fifth Meridian Travel specialist and let us get started on building your dream vacation today?